SALTY Interiors works with real estate agencies, hotels, restaurants and private home owners to create beautiful spaces to live and socialise in. Our expertise lies in understanding the purpose of the property, its potentials and capacities, and putting together a firm concept that satisfies all needs. With a team of experts supporting us with everything needed, we make sure the project is perfectly executed by carefully monitoring it from start to finish.



Whether it’s a new home, a restaurant or a shop SALTY Interiors creates full package concepts, made to reach every expectation. Monitoring projects from start to finish with an eye for detail and a passion for creation.

We create interiors that brighten the senses and awaken the mind with space and light.



SALTY Interiors consults private clients when moving into a new house/apartment on how to decorate and design it from A to Z. Carefully listening to the client’s wishes on how they imagine the space, SALTY creates design concepts, colour schemes and detailed lighting plans, to make the best out of every single square meter.



A property that has been staged as a home has up to 18 % more value on the market. This is why SALTY Interiors work with prestigious real estate agencies to prepare properties for sale. With close collaboration with exclusive furniture brands, SALTY Interiors provides furniture, decorative objects and plants to make each apartment attractive and welcoming for the first impression of the potential buyer.

Home staging is not only important for the viewings, but also for the agency’s website and general branding. SALTY Interiors executes photoshoots after each staging to create the ideal content for website and other commercial use.